I thought of you today too.
All My Love, my friend.

Wishing you peace and joy in volumes that you cannot contain.



Yes. I think of you every day.
Have a Blessed Day.

You know who you are.
Hope life is wonderful for you. Keeping the angels around you through your travels.

All My Love as always.

Peaceful morning

Good morning. It’s quiet here. The cats are lazing about in their own little areas. Two in the windowsills, one laying in the sunshine another cleaning up breakfast after the others. The sounds of birds outside the window, the hoot of a pair of doves. One of the horses is blowing and snorting and occasionally the calves will bawl. I slept until 9am again today as I did yesterday. Both nights I took one of the rest easy pills so stay asleep. Peak is finally over so its back to a reasonable 45 hour schedule. I needed the sleep.

All I really had to say this morning is your on my mind – and my other soldiers also. I never heard from Darryl again after he came back and went to college. Seems to be the theme. When you’re in the field its a link to home to keep you in the game and when you are back to your life after there are other things that demand your time. Probably as it should be. As for me I think when these two soldiers come home I will stop supporting this way for a while. I may do the seasonal support, that is always fun. I have a heart for wounded warriors and may focus my efforts that direction. There is a great program that matches soldiers who have PTSD with a rescue canine. Dogs are great. Someone at work showed me a picture of a beautiful blue-eyed Husky/Lab mix puppy this week. I wanted to go get him but I’ve decided no dogs for me for a few years. I have the cats and equines to care for and I want to travel. Eric and Lily got a puppy on the road – adopted from a friend actually. Her name is Lola Monroe and she’s adjusting very well to living in the van with them. She has saved them from intruders a couple of times too. They have to come back in July for Eric to meet with his counselor for his medication, so I’ll get to meet her then. I have their cat Skylar, a beautiful Siamese with an incredible personality (the only reason I agreed to house him) and he’s integrated himself into the pack pretty well. He was raised with people so it’s taken him a couple of months to learn how to be a cat, read body language and know when to quit. There were some vociferous discussions and much hair lost a couple of weeks ago.  Here is a pic of him in his favorite spot.


I need to go shower and get ready for church, although its tempting to sit here all day again in the sunshine alone. Many times I just don’t feel like being around people. Here’s a photo of the window I sit by.


Well, my friend. Have a Blessed day.
All My Love

Hello My Friend

Many warm thoughts of you today. This afternoon it was 79 and tonight its down to the 40s. It was chilly!!

Tomorrow I volunteer at church and get to snuggle with babies while their mommies have grown up time.

Eric is in Houston, TX with his fiance. They love it there but havn’t found jobs yet. They got a dog.
I have their cat with me for the time being.

I’m studying the Masterson method of horse massage and Petey was so relaxed last night I almost had him on the ground. Autumn is suspicious but very curious. Weekend after next I am volunteering at the Parelli clinic in Des Moines. A weekend of horses, trainers, cowboys and horses. Then 2 days off when I get home, I’m sure I’ll be playing with my 4 leggeds and spending time absorbing vitamin D.

Write to me some time. 🙂 same addy different house number 6657.
Have a blessed day.
All My Love


I dreamed  about you last night.  Sort of.  I dreamt of the memories of receiving letters, looking forward to responses.  I have been wondering why I am keeping your memory alive.  It’s beyond me to know what’s happened in the nearly 3 years since you cut ties.  I have my own theories but the truth is if I had meant that much to you, you would have made an effort to meet.   I have accepted that truth several times.  The fantasy of a continued friendship is a mystery to me.  I have friends.  I have dated.  I’ve even been in a relationship in the time since you left.  I’ve traveled to Florida, past the Carolinas and could have stopped if there would have been a reason to.

You cut ties.  The two most logical reasons I’ve come up with are that I was asking too much and you couldn’t handle it (most likely) or that when you went to work for the contractor you were going to be into some seriously nasty shit and you cut ties to protect me…  I think the second reason is the one I am holding on to more, but there is truth in the first also.  You in my life was more important to me than me in your life was to you.  Our friendship served its purpose in getting you safely out of Iraq.

I just want to say I’m sorry that I pressured you.

Some time I’ll post the list of reasons I wrote back then.  Its kinda funny now.

Wherever you are my friend single, married, working, retired, living or dead.  I hope you are still laughing with your children, enjoying your friends and finding joy in life.  You remain in my heart, my prayers and my dreams.

All My love

Hello, my friend

I miss you.

I remember the first day I received your very first postcard and I thought for certain I had made a lifelong friend.  I have tried letting you go but I feel tethered to you as strongly as I ever have.  Its a cloudy day here and all I want is to stay home, sit in the window and chill out for the day.

Hoping you are well, my friend.

I love you as always.