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Refugee Crisis

Refugee crisis.

I’m not a fan of putting a band aid on a broken bone and calling it a cure. The system is broken.  International refugees are fleeing around the world at an increasingly alarming rate and being a continent away the USA doesn’t have a full comprehension about most of it.  We battle a microcosm of people fleeing into the states.


The Mexico crisis is abhorrent. I offer a solution.  The USA has seen millions of legal and non-legal immigrants giving all they have including and up to their lives for the opportunity that America offers.  The gangs in Mexico and the USA work together to defy the border defenses.  The USA has no authority in Mexico and Mexico has no authority over the USA.  We should simply make Mexico part of the USA and remove the border, then we could more effectively battle the root cause of the problem – people’s hearts.


Mexican’s could have dual citizenship of Mexico and USA, and Americans would have the freedom to enjoy all of Mexico’s brilliance and become a brotherly continent – lifting one another up instead of pouring billions of Americans tax dollars into a black hole. The Hispanic population of the USA is at this time estimated to be 34.6 million people (Mexican Americans – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_American) with an additional 11.7 milion living here illegally (Number of Illegal Immigrants in U.S. May Be on Rise Again … www.nytimes.com/2013/09/24/us/immigrant-population-s….).  US population is 323.13 million as of 2016 (Data from: World Bank), so Mexican Americans currently maintain about 9.33% of the US population – not including undocumented illegal aliens.  That is significant.  For the most part, like many African refugees and immigrants work hard and do jobs that Americans snub.  They welcome the opportunities in the land of the free and understand that just because they have gained an advantage of being in America there is still a lot of work to be done to fully take advantage of those opportunities (college education, work and maintaining families) to attain the American Dream.


So – you can’t push a river (it flows by itself). Stop fighting it; negotiate with Mexico to the advantage of both countries and all of our citizens.


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You’ve been on my mind so much lately.  I’ve tried letting you go.  It’s been 5 years?

Sending my love and God’s angels.  Be well and happy my friend.

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I dreamed about you a few nights ago.  I haven’t done that for a long time.  I meant to post sooner.

All My Love

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You may not know this but you are the one who told me I was beautiful, which started the transformation. Until then I truly didn’t understand. I always thought I was ugly. Blessings my friend and thank you.

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Veterans Day 2013

You were with me all day. Stay safe.

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I thought of you today too.
All My Love, my friend.

Wishing you peace and joy in volumes that you cannot contain.

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Your on my mind today – big and bad. Wore your angel charm, maybe that had something to do with it. Where are you, my friend? I miss you.
Stay well – I know… your the baddest thing out there.

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