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Iraq War Stories

Robert W. Philbrook grew up playing war.

As a boy, it seemed simple: In games of hide-and-seek, he and his friends sneaked between buildings, guarded their “forts”—and shot the “bad guys” before they shot back.


Good article.

Thinking of you today as every day.

All My Love


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by Raymond Ibrahim

PJ Media
January 17, 2012


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Earlier I discussed how mosques, some of which breed radicalization and serve as terrorist bases, flourish in America, while churches are increasingly targeted and destroyed in the Muslim world, especially the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity.

This pattern—religious appeasement of Muslim minorities in the West, religious hostility for Christian minorities under Islam—continues and manifests itself in other ways.

Consider Christmas. The same appeasement that allows a “victory mosque” to be erected near Ground Zero, where jihadists killed some 3,000 Americans, compromises one of Christianity’s most important events.

For instance, a “Montreal suburb has decided to remove a nativity scene and menorah from town hall rather than acquiesce to demands from a Muslim group to erect Islamic religious symbols.” Contrast this with Iran, where many churches were “ordered to cancel Christmas and New Year’s celebrations as a show of their compliance and support” for “the two month-long mourning activities of the Shia’ Moslems,” a reference to the bloody flagellations and self mutilations Shias perform in memory of Imam Hussein during Ashura.

Likewise, the University of London held Christmas service featuring readings from the Quran—Islam’s holy book that unequivocally condemns the Incarnation, which is precisely what Christmas celebrates. Meanwhile, Islam’s clerics in the West proclaimed things like “saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornication or killing someone,” since doing so is to “approve of the biggest crime ever committed by humanity”: the belief that God became man on Christmas. As the cleric makes clear, these are not his words, but rather the words of Islam’s most authoritative clerics.

Nor are these just words. Around the Muslim world, Christmas time for Christians is a time of threats, harassment, and fear. One can point to any number of Muslim attacks on Christians to prove this—whether churches attacked, burned, or forced into closure; whether Muslim converts to Christianity beat, killed, or imprisoned; whether Christians abused on “blasphemy” charges; or whether just sheer violence and killings of “infidel” Christians. (See “Muslim Persecution of Christians” for a list of December’s abuses alone).

More telling, however, are the attacks that specifically targeted or revolved around Christmas:

December 25, 2011 was “Nigeria’s blackest Christmas ever“: in a number of coordinated jihadi attacks, several church were bombed, killing over 40 people, “the majority dying on the steps of a Catholic church after celebrating Christmas Mass as blood pooled in dust from a massive explosion.” As expected, the New York Times all but apologized for the terrorists.

Christmas Eve in Uganda saw Muslims throw acid on a church leader, leaving him with severe burns, blinding one eye and threatening sight in the other. The pastor was on his way to a church party when a man pretending to be a Christian approached him from behind, yelling, “Pastor, pastor.” When he turned, the Muslim threw acid in his face while others poured it on his back, all running away while screaming Islam’s victory cry, “Allahu Akbar!”

In Muslim-majority Tajikistan, “a young man dressed as Father Frost—the Russian equivalent of Father Christmas—wasstabbed to death” while visiting relatives and bringing gifts. Considering that the crowd beating and stabbing him were shouting “you infidel!” police cited “religious hatred” as motivation.

These are among the more violent and illegal attacks on Christians around Christmas time, undertaken by Muslim mobs and terrorists. In their own way, however, Muslim governments—many deemed “friends” of America—also make Christmas a very “un-merry” time for celebrants.

For example, if “vandals” in Indonesia decapitated the statue of the Virgin Mary in a small grotto days before Christmas, Indonesian officials have been shutting down churches; one “embattled church” fighting for survival was forced to move its Christmas prayers to a member’s house.

This pattern of treating Christian minorities as dhimmis—Sharia’s legal term for non-Muslims under Islam forced to live as despised, second-class citizens—is business as usual in the Muslim world. Some more Christmas-related examples follow, from a cursory Internet search:

  • Malaysia: Parish priests and church youth leaders had to get “caroling permits”—requiring them to submit their full names and ID numbers at police stations, an eerie practice for any non-Muslim under Islam—simply to “visit their fellow church members and belt out ‘Joy to the World,’ [or] ‘Silent Night, Holy Night.'”
  • Iran: While celebrating Christmas, a church was raided by State Security. All those present, including Sunday school children, were arrested and interrogated. Hundreds of Christian books were seized. The detained Christians suffered “considerable verbal abuses.”
  • Pakistan: Intelligence reports warned of threats of terrorist attacks on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christians also lamented that “extreme power outages have become routine during Christmas and Easter seasons.”

In closing, if people in the West think Christmas is a time of “peace on earth, good will toward man”—to the point of compromising this Christian holiday to appease their “fellow [Muslim] man”—they should know that, increasingly, it is neither a time of “peace” nor “goodwill” for Christians under Islam.

Raymond Ibrahim, author of The Al Qaeda Reader, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Related Topics:  Anti-Christianism  |  Raymond IbrahimThis text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete information provided about its author, date, place of publication, and original URL.

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To All My Soldiers

Sending a shout out to all of you!

Hang in there – you rock!

<hugs> and All My Love

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You are all on my mind today – sending you warm thoughts of safety and laughter! 

Special thoughts to my paratrooper friend.  You may forget me, but you will always be remembered by me.  Sending you special thoughts today as your on my heart.  Happiness to you always! 

All my love to all of you!  I’m starting to shop for your next packages and hope those in transit reach you swiftly!

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The shipments are out the door (finally)!

Here is a photo of my little sweatshop – these are on their way to you with some other goodies.  I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with them.  The horses approved the whole process.  I printed these photos, then forgot to include them in the packages. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve come to an agreement on support so the August packages should reach you early in the month.  I had a lot of fun shopping this morning and though you will only have 1 box (troop), and a small envelope for each of you singles I think they contain some fun item(s) and heat relief for you.

I know the barns looks ratty – not too worry.  Remember, it’s a rental property and the landlord fixes the important stuff but not the decorative stuff for the most part.  I think the barn is due for a paint job (among other things), but it’s a good and sturdy structure that has with stood almost 100 years of storms.  The house was painted last year and the important stuff works!  LOL 

The light colored horse looking out of the door is Autumn, my naughty girl.  She’s been in isolation for the week for offering to remove my head when I was cleaning her back feet.  We’ve also reached an agreement – she keeps her feet away from my person and I let her live.  Seriously, though no Halflinger was harmed this week.  I use positive reinforcement training techniques and am learning the Parelli method which leans heavily on listening to your animal companion and relating to them in their language.  I still have a lot to learn. 

The other horses that are together are Pete (big white/red paint), Callie and Champ (in the barn).  Come visit us sometime when you are back in the states.  We love company!

I actually passed two tests this week (woo hoo) and am busting it to pass this exam on August 11th.  I am also in the process of re-establishing internet at home so I’ll be able to post more often.  I usually write first thing in the morning and I miss the freedom of expression I get from blogging.

One thing that really torqued me this week was to hear that the government, in its infinite wisdom is considering suspending pay for military.  I propose we suspend pay from the top down – so Pres Obama, you go first.  Let the leaders, lead.  Followed by the Senate, Congress and all other government employees – then if we cut spending and stop wasting money and still can’t meet the budget, we could consider reducing but not eliminating pay for the military.  Oh and while I’m on this thread we should definitely stop paying any retired government official who is drawing a salary and benefits even though they aren’t actually serving the county or putting their butt on the line every day to defend it! 

 I personally want to see the lawmakers live under the same laws the rest of us live with – absolutely no exceptions!

I think that’s it for now troops.  Know that I think of you everyday.  I’m fighting for you.  Thank you for being there and I would much rather have you home with your families! 

Be well – sending all my love!

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Letters are going out today and I’m making plans for May/June Packages.  The theme this month is heat, foot care and fun (always).  One of you tried to call me a couple of weeks ago – I’m so sorry I missed the call.  I  hope you enjoyed the last package, the next one should be out end of next week!  Please let me know if there is something you really need or want included and I’ll do my best to get it in the boxes.

Jessica’s tour is nearly finished, so this will be her last package.  Safe journey and God Speed my dear!

Joshua’s birthday is the 22nd of June, so he’ll be getting something fun!

You are all on my mind and in my heart.  We’ve had several Iowa soldiers effected this month and when it’s closer to home it always weighs heavier on my heart.  you have such an awesome responsibility and carry it so well.  My deepest gratitude to you all.  I’m still missing one soldier who I am especially fond of and with that said, I’m over him too.  Many lessons learned on my side.  Sending you happiness, my friend and hero!~  I hope to hear from you one day. 

You are remembered daily.  Sending all of you angels to watch over you and love to surround you and your families. Be well, my friends.

It’s 3:41 and I have a workout at 4:30, week 9 of 10 weeks at Ferrell’s and I’m feeling stronger than ever.  Kicking the cheerleader butts too, I’m proud to say.  Tonight is kick boxing/cardio.  Next week is testing and the awards dinner.  I’ll post my results.  Head up!  All my love!

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Yes.  He’s gone.

It’s a bittersweet victory.  I don’t want the photos published – it’s unnecessary and downright dangerous to publish them when they will be used to incite more violence.  otoh, a friend said let’s just get the drama over with and he’s got a good point since there are so many bull dogs out there who refuse to let the matter rest.

To the soldiers – yes, all of you.  Kudos on completing the mission.  I would love to have each of you home with your families and loved ones and as you know, we won a battle but the war rages on and will for many years yet.

To the moderate muslims who will bear some of the backlash I walk with you and you need to stand in your faith stronger than ever to live at peace in the world.

To the Pontif.  Several weeks ago you wanted to cut military spending.  This week you are raising the praise of our defenders.  We follow as the leader of the nation, whether we agree with you, or disagree with you and your policy.  That is what makes us a great nation.  Mr. Obama I do hope you find the strength to stand with the nation and stop riding the fence and catering to radical islamist groups.  Bush may not have been popular with everyone but he was clear on his mission.  Be the leader you were elected to be in the best interest of all Americans.

To the paratrooper whose name is with me daily.  You rock!  Be well, my friend.

And last to the family of Osama, specifically his wife and daughter who were present.  I grieve with you in your very personal loss at this time.

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