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No talking when I want you to listen. No talking ’cause it’s living torture, living torture. Don’t tell me what I’m trying to say to you. –Sad Exchange by Finger Eleven

I’m listening to the soundtrack from Daredevil this morning and it’s bringing back memories. I always remember Antonio when I listen to this music. From Won’t Back Down by Fuel, Bleed For Me by Saliva, The Man Without Fear by Drowning Pool, Bring Me to Life by Evanescence and Evening Rain by Moby. High Wire Escape Artist by Boy Sets Fire, Raise Your Rifles by Autopilot Off, Caught In The Rain by Revis and Let Go by 12 Stones… They all remind me of a happy time when I was writing to you almost every day and it felt like you were right next to me – a friend in spirit – and I could hear your presence. I still hear you. I miss having the venue for writing and the feedback you provided. The surprise postcards and the reminders to smile. I miss that.

You’ve gone back into the fray, maybe where you feel you belong. I’m thankful for you and men like you who do what you do and there is a void for you also. But what do I know. If it weren’t a satisfying life, why would you keep doing it? Can’t be just about the money. I wonder if you’ve had any interaction with gangs and gang members in your unit since that is partly what you signed up for, to get away from the street. Out of the frying pan?

Anyway. It’s been almost 2 years since you submerged and asked me to go away. I can’t. You’ve left an indelible mark on my soul and I cannot turn my back on you. Your angels are still watching over you. I have to get to work but I’m glad to begin writing to you – the same as we started. Me writing and sharing about my day to a void. Maybe there are other soldiers out there who will find solace in what you did. For me, you give me a direction to focus my writing on. People are reading here and I enjoy writing.

You’re a good man. I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you meant. I think I do now.

Be well my friend.

All My Love As Ever

Your friend without benefits J


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This is my farriers husband. I just saw the link in my email when I was cleaning house tonight.


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Morgan Freeman quote

Trending today and I only share a link because I am a fan of his. He’s a great actor and fine human being. some of the commentary is valid. He’s entitled to an opinion and I have difficulty understanding why being “black enough” is even an issue. If we’ve truly advanced as a country then it shouldn’t be an issue. I find it difficult to believe that Obama has had more threats than any other president in history – really? How about Lincoln and Nixon? I would like to know where the commentator got their facts.

Anyway – to all of you under the umbrella of the US, be well. It may feel lonely, but today I thought of you and made a prayer for your safety.
All My Love.


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