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Current events.
Cancer biopsy is benign (yeah), have to meet with doc to determine which surgery to do and schedule it.
The last of my soldiers go home this month. I’m not going to adopt another troop again for awhile. I think I will do the holiday support and an occassional care package for the KMR units. Since Antonio hit the road I’ve lost my wind for it. It’s been 5 years, time to do something else.

I have 2 weeks of class left and that will be finished so I can get my diploma. My job is going well and they cut all of the overtime with less than a week between paydays. I’m making less now than I was making on unemployment…crap. It’s tight right now.

I’m also giving up swapping for the most part. The postage is getting too much.

The horses are fine and I’ve had quite a few couch surfers coming through lately. That’s been a lot of fun.

Last weekend I went out and helped Frankie paint the walls of her bedroom. This Sat we are going to do the ceiling and then the mural!! I’m so excited that she woke up happy on Sunday morning and am looking forward to watching her bloom in the coming months and years. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful bedroom!

I’m at La Cantina to do homework and then realized I havn’t posted for over a month. I hope to make that more often in the near future.


Heads up men in your last few weeks. It’s most dangerous when your thinking about getting home!! Safe journey, it’s been a privilege to support you.


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