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Life Challenge

I was faced with a life challenge yesturday. Won’t post the gory details here, but I am likely facing outpatient surgery and a short recovery time. I may not post for a few weeks…we’ll see how I’m feeling. After that I’ll be throwing myself into Camp Wandu, finishing the Blue Elephant blanket and some other projects and planning a trip to Spain to walk the trail of santiago de compostela.

It’s probably not life threatening, but it’s made me think of life. If the ride is over today, what would I most regret not having done? These were at the top of the list yesterday.

Love you all.
Be well.


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Hello Men!

I’m whipped. 5th week in a row of 50+ hour weeks and peak to boot so I don’t have much time at work for studies, knitting or anything else. Back to back calls. Not nearly what your facing, I don’t know how you do it-yet, I do. You do it because you have to, same as I am right now.

I’m missing Antonio’s messages like crazy this week. I’ve been wearing the angel charm he sent me. Every time I reach for it I send up a prayer for him and all of you. He always knew how to bring a smile to my face even though we never met in person. I learned a lot about myself from him, I only wish he had known me now. My sanity has returned. For a year or so as a natural female cycle I went crazy-insane emotional surges. If your reading-you have my email and my addy…I won’t contact you – since you (or your “girl friend”) asked me not to. I respect that.

Onward ho!
Stay safe out there men and if any of you wants a pen pal I would definitely welcome the distraction…you have the address and I will make time to respond.
The box is by the door. I missed Easter 😦 I was thinking of you and hopefully you will be able to enjoy what I’m sending despite my tardiness. Fun in a box!! I’ll take it to the PO tomorrow on my way to work! Promise.

Love you all!

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