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The best news is one of the hikers has been released.  I hope the men will be released soon also.

Other good news are the bacteria in the gulf that seem to be eating the oil residue – I wonder how long it will take to restore the region.

The miners in Chile are also on my mind, and their families. 

Be well, My friends!


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Burn a Koran

This pastor should lose his assignment and support.

It’s about respect and if you call yourself a “Christian” pastor maybe you should review the commandments?  Love thy neighbor is one of them.  Newsflash for you – Muslims are our neighbors and our brothers….additional violence ….  I’m speechless!!!!!  JackASS.

Attorney general: Quran-burning plan ‘idiotic, dangerous’ Florida pastor says protest is on; Petraeus warns it could endanger troops.


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Obama dog

If you havn’t seen this “A White House spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. But regardless of its source, Obama’s off-script message syncs with his overall frustration with Republicans, whom he has lambasted repeatedly as the “party of no.”

No – isn’t a bad thing…change is good when it’s good change for everybody.  The POTUS isn’t all powerful – the balance is essential to the people.

I saw it on Yahoo, but I’ve also seen it on CNN…http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100907/el_yblog_upshot/obama-channels-hendrix-on-critics-they-talk-about-me-like-a-dog

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Terror In The Name of God

I’m listening to this CD set in the car on my way to work and home.  Interesting.

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