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Absolute Craziness

3 more American soldiers died in Afghanistan yesterday.

The press is hailing “the last unit to leave Iraq” a day or two ago and today the headline is “only 50,000 troops left in Iraq”!  Well – which is it?  We are either out or we’re not!  Don’t rally us to the end of the Iraq war when we are still a presence there – and what torques me more is we pull out (prematurely?) and wait to see if the Iraq security forces succeed and if they fail we get to go back and start the whole thing over again?????  Except this time the insurgents have our knowledge and our training – good call leaders (read everyone who is pressuring the Obama administration and those who made the call)!!  What a waste of 5 years of lives and money and efforts to bring balance to the Iraqi people.

Adding insult to injury with this headline – the accompanying photo is a draped coffin being unloaded from a carrier….how ’bout we bring them home ALIVE!!

I’ve been praying for all the above as well as the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and all other middle east countries and citizens for wisdom, strength and justice.

You just can’t make this shit up!


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