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Minorities and [not] Swimming

I dear friend of mine sent me this link:  http://m.bet.com/s/3524/347;jsessionid=73CF81BC4601F1AE9BD14F3DB3ABD089?itemUriVal=a8daa5ff1b180e8cfa43ea9c2cbeab18%2F1181132061104714111114106630&view=details

I only learned recently that minority children grow up terrified of the water because they didn’t learn to swim.  I cannot imagine living life without being at home in the water – because from about the age of 6 swimming has been part of my life. 

Parents – find a way to teach your children this life skill.  At the very least teach them to float so we can avoid the tragedy that one family faces this week losing 6 children in a single incident only because none of them knew how to swim!!!  This is tragic.


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